Integrity First

What does having integrity mean to you? To me it is doing and saying what is right, especially when no one is around. It is doing what you say you are going to do. If… Read more »

Culture Matters in Construction

Over the last 10 years, “company culture” has gone from a marketing and HR buzzword to a key factor in company management decisions–and rightfully so. With the job market becoming so competitive, workers now hold… Read more »

Armcorp Safety Day

Armcorp takes pride in keeping their employees safe, not just physically, but mentally. We hold an annual company-wide meeting for employees that covers various drug-free safety, site safety, and personal development. What’s Included In Armcorp… Read more »

Rache’s Blog

Armcorp gave me an opportunity at a new career path with a new company in a new state. Originally from East Tennessee, my husband and I were offered great job opportunities here that we believed… Read more »

Joshua’s Blog

For roughly the past decade of my life, I have worked at Armcorp Construction in a multitude of roles—some by design and some by necessity. Starting my journey as a superintendent on a project in… Read more »