Live Now

I hope everyone had a great extended weekend, honoring and remembering those that went before us, giving it all for our Freedom. With that being said, life is short. Life is fast! We must live… Read more »

You Are in Control

Do you realize how much the way you think dictates the results in your life? You literally can change the trajectory of any situation by thinking differently about it. Your thoughts engage your feelings, and… Read more »

Making a Plan

When you have a “Plan B”, you will most likely quit Plan A. You have already established that “escape plan” in the back of your mind when you think of Plan B. A plan is… Read more »

Always Learn

I never lose or fail. Now, some of you might be thinking to yourself that that is an arrogant statement. Let me add some context to it and take a second to think about that… Read more »

Critical Thinking

There is a difference between just thinking and thinking critically. Ordinary thinking is thinking with no discipline, mostly opinions/beliefs. Critical thinking is disciplined thinking, logically and strategically driven. Ordinary thinking is more close-minded. Critical thinking… Read more »

One Step at a Time

When it comes to a goal or even the end of a project, we must only “vision” the end and avoid stressing that it isn’t done. In-between, we must attack the process one step at… Read more »

Consistency leads to Discipline

Core Value #5 – Consistency in Everything If you want to stop worrying, overthinking, being stressed and depressed, start taking action…consistent action! If you want a different result, here is what you need to do:… Read more »

Loyalty to your Team

Life is a game and you are a part of a team. You are the leader, the head coach of your life. Your family is a part of the team and you are the CEO… Read more »

Turn Negative energy into Positive

Positive Energy is one of our Core Values. Energy is culture, Culture is energy. Positivity is the only way to success and it is contagious. The energy in an environment can make or break not… Read more »

See something, Say something

Throughout life you will do things you regret, but there are times you will witness someone doing something they may regret down the road. We have two options in those moments; turn our heads and… Read more »