Critical Thinking

There is a difference between just thinking and thinking critically.

Ordinary thinking is thinking with no discipline, mostly opinions/beliefs.

Critical thinking is disciplined thinking, logically and strategically driven.

Ordinary thinking is more close-minded.

Critical thinking opens your mind to more possibility.

Ordinary thinking has no real direction or pattern.

Critical thinking leads to the learning something new.

Ordinary thinking does not allow the opportunity to adapt with new ideas.

Critical thinking allows new ways of completing a task more efficiently.

Ordinary thinking is, “this is how we have always done it”.

Critical thinking is, “what can we do differently to save time and money?”

Ordinary thinking is taking things for face-value.

Critical thinking is diving deeper, peeling the onion back, or dissecting something to figure out the “why”.

Ordinary thinking is reactive.

Critical thinking is proactive.

Practice taking a moment (this takes self-awareness) to critically think before reacting based off opinion.

Yes, it may seem like it will take more time, but “practice makes perfect”.