Dependable design; high-quality construction

In Design/Build, the Owner hires Armcorp in its entirety to design and construct a building. Armcorp is then responsible for both the dependability of the design as well as the quality of the building installation, thus producing an on-time and on-budget end project that satisfies the Owner’s expectations.

A construction contract with one entity, as is the case with Design/Build, provides an opportunity for an extremely streamlined project from start to finish with cost-saving measures built in.

Benefits of design/build projects

One of the main benefits of Design/Build is that construction can begin while the building is still being designed, which saves time over the course of the entire project.

As the building is being constructed, the Contractor and/or Subcontractors can find other ways to save on design and material. They can work together to get the project done accurately and efficiently, and the Owner can communicate with the Contractor during the construction process to get the building to meet their specific needs.

With any design/build project led by Armcorp Construction, Inc., you get a team of professionals focused on the quality, cost control, progression, and safety of your construction project.

design and build construction project on computer

Key design/build steps:

  • Streamlined design and construction of building to a budget
  • Detailed project review to establish Owner’s expectations
  • Detailed plan of specifications and construction
  • Execution plan
  • Identification of possible alternatives to lower cost while maintaining quality standards