Construction experience across many industries

Backed by over 100 years of experience in the construction world, Armcorp Construction, Inc. has in-depth knowledge and experience specifically within the following types of industries: government, industrial/commercial, healthcare, and education.

inside of general construction project


government construction building

Armcorp has been a government contractor since its inception. We have continued to service local, state, and federal government organizations throughout the years, giving us the experience to succeed at any task or challenge that we may face in the industry.


commercial construction job site

Armcorp specializes in handling major commercial and industrial projects. From building large industrial additions, new restaurants, or renovating an office building—we have done it. Whatever the architectural style, we can meet the specifications that your business needs to guarantee a profitable and well-designed facility.


healthcare construction building

Armcorp has a wide range of experience and a thorough understanding of the various medical practices necessary to work in and around highly-sensitive areas, including implementing and enforcing ILSM, ICRA, HIPPA, and all other Health and Safety standards required by the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA).


education construction building

From K-12 to institutions of higher education, Armcorp can deliver superior results when working in and around occupied learning centers. Our team understands that the quality of a student’s environment plays an important role in promoting learning.