What is the Point

Some of you may be asking, “What is the point?”

What is the point of “motivational” emails, core values, or positive talks.

The answer is simple… why not.

Without a mission and supporting core values, you have no direction. You have no structure. You have no standard.

When you do not have a standard, there is no way of holding someone accountable.

In order to grow, professionally/personally, you must; first, create a foundation.

Then you must create values that align with the vision. Values create a repeatable, scalable system that can be measured.

Then you must create a vision of where you want to go.

Next, create a plan with small steps to achieve the goal or vision.

When we have set core values and implement them in our daily lives, processes, language, thoughts, and actions, work isn’t just work.

Work becomes fun. Work becomes satisfying. Work becomes family.

Values will remove bottlenecks and empower individual growth across the organization.

Having a set standard and values will challenge people, forcing them to make a decision of whether to help row the boat or jump off.

So the next time you ask, what is the point or criticize, stop and think about the domino effect it can have, positively or negatively to the team.

The effect it has when YOU choose to live by core values. The effect is has when the individual working next to you chooses to live by core values!