Coach Yourself

Coach yourself!

No one is coming to save you.

No one is coming to help you.

No one makes you do anything!

Motivation is temporary, therefore we must find a way to prevail thorough adversity.

Growing up, most of us played sports or were coached/encouraged by someone in our lives.

When we did not know how to do something or struggled with a certain task, someone would teach us, but then coach you through it.

At the end, there is a result, you win or you learn a lesson.

Never fail! Always learn.

When you are thinking, feeling or acting in a negative way, you must become self-aware and coach yourself through those moments.

We do not and will not have someone by our side in every situation coaching and encouraging us through.

The more you practice this, your maturity will carry you and the window of these situations will get smaller and easier to handle.