You Are in Control

Do you realize how much the way you think dictates the results in your life?

You literally can change the trajectory of any situation by thinking differently about it.

Your thoughts engage your feelings, and your feelings create actions and behaviors.

It’s simple, but we over-complicate it.

We over-complicate it by blaming others for your “problems”.

We do not take ownership or responsibility for how we feel or act.

We just accept that “this is the way it is or always has been”.

The best part though is when you get around a group of peers. We tend to gravitate to those who agree with what we think or believe, thus fueling the fire more.

Nothing gets accomplished, nothing changes.

This goes back to being reactive and not proactive.

Our society is in a steady state of reaction.

Start with yourself and change your thoughts. You will notice it changes how you feel, and then you will begin to act differently, carry yourself more positively.

You will also begin to notice that you are becoming a lighthouse for others when they notice your change; family, friends, coworkers, and even bystanders.

Be the change, you are in control!