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Culture Matters in Construction

Over the last 10 years, “company culture” has gone from a marketing and HR buzzword to a key factor in company management decisions–and rightfully so. With the job market becoming so competitive, workers now hold… Read more »

Armcorp Safety Day

Armcorp takes pride in keeping their employees safe, not just physically, but mentally. We hold an annual company-wide meeting for employees that covers various drug-free safety, site safety, and personal development. What’s Included In Armcorp… Read more »

Rache’s Blog

Armcorp gave me an opportunity at a new career path with a new company in a new state. Originally from East Tennessee, my husband and I were offered great job opportunities here that we believed… Read more »

Joshua’s Blog

For roughly the past decade of my life, I have worked at Armcorp Construction in a multitude of roles—some by design and some by necessity. Starting my journey as a superintendent on a project in… Read more »