Armcorp Safety Day

construction crew working

Armcorp takes pride in keeping their employees safe, not just physically, but mentally. We hold an annual company-wide meeting for employees that covers various drug-free safety, site safety, and personal development.

What’s Included In Armcorp Safety Training?

With our most recent Safety Day, two gentlemen came from Foundations Behavioral Health Services and explained ways to avoid drugs and how to erase addiction. As a drug-free company, Armcorp watches over our employees while promoting a healthy life and bringing in outsiders to explain their stories on how they stay clean.

Our in-house safety coordinator makes sure that each field employee is OSHA certified amd trained in first aid/CPR/AED. Not only does he ensure safety awareness while working, but he also makes sure that they are mentally tough and creates a great culture to work in.

Safety is always here at Armcorp, but having our employees enjoy coming to work with a great attitude is what we stand by as a company, and it’s what makes Armcorp a great place to work.