Rache’s Blog

Armcorp gave me an opportunity at a new career path with a new company in a new state. Originally from East Tennessee, my husband and I were offered great job opportunities here that we believed were worth making the move for. When I first met Tim and the management at Armcorp, I immediately felt at home and wanted the chance to prove myself and what I could bring to the table.

Knowing that I had much to learn, they gave me the opportunity to do just that. Under great management and direction, I have been able to grow and thrive in my position, as well as gain a fundamental understanding of various components to running a small business from a finance perspective.

Not only has my position been of great value to me, but the culture of this company and the people I work with have been unlike any other company I have worked for. We are a family who genuinely cares about each other personally and professionally. I am proud to be a member of the Armcorp family, and I am excited about what we’ve already accomplished and what we will continue to accomplish together.

Thank you!