Joshua’s Blog

For roughly the past decade of my life, I have worked at Armcorp Construction in a multitude of roles—some by design and some by necessity. Starting my journey as a superintendent on a project in Murfreesboro, Tennessee was just the beginning. The opportunity to learn the trade and grow were there and I was blessed to be successful for years in that role. 

Eventually, I was asked to come into the office in another role, then another, then another. The thing that I appreciated most was the experience of pouring your efforts into something and seeing positive feedback and improvement on a personal level.

Not only did my skillset, abilities, and knowledge grow, I watched the company and the people within grow together. We have been through extremely challenging and extremely rewarding times—but all of the experiences combined are what made this experience special. Without the cold and rain, the warmth and sunshine would lose some of its luster. I’m grateful for God placing me here and the wonderful privilege of being a part of something special. 

Joshua Evans