You are your Energy

You are your energy… Positive or negative.

Energy is Culture, Culture is Energy.

Your energy is what people, see, feel, and hear. They then create an opinion or judgment about you.

What do you want that opinion to be? Most, if not all humans care even though a lot say they do not.

Either way, your energy is felt by others. When there is a conversation or exchange of energy between two people, it becomes a standoff. Who is going to jump to the other side?

In a group setting, energy is contiguous one way or the other. Usually, whatever the majority, positive or negative, the stragglers will latch on or leave.

Be the individual who is positive, optimistic, accountable, loyal, intentional, and active.

The energy of a culture can be felt the moment someone walks through your front door or onto your jobsite for the first time. Perception is everything and if the energy is negative, the tone has been set and it will be really hard to get it back.

If an organization is full of low, negative energy individuals, the ship will sink, especially if that energy is coming from top down. It is going to be hard retaining and recruiting new employees.

Overall, it is a domino effect that can bury a company!

Lastly, I will just say this bluntly, if you are a negative person who is always complaining about everything, it is kindly pathetic, weak, annoying, and a waste of energy for others to deal with. Don’t be that person!

If you are saying to yourself, “Well that is mean, my feelings are hurt, I am mad, my day is ruined or I am offended!”… guess what? You are that person.