Problem Solver vs. Problem Finder

There are multiple routes of communication in our lives, but today we are going to focus on one; problem & solution communication.

Are you a problem finder?

Follow-up question; are you a problem solver or a “problem”?

In other words, do you provide solutions for problems that will move the needle or do you complain and expect someone else to fix the problem.

When you discuss the problem, are you emotional about it or are you constructively thinking and discussing how to fix it?

It comes down to this, if you find a problem, don’t say anything unless it is part of a solution. Simple.

If you identify a problem, depending on how serious; stop everything, inform leadership. Be detailed, let them know you are working on a solution. Next, analyze the problem, create a plan, and then present to your superiors.

It’s okay to be a problem finder, but where you go wrong is when you complain, complain, complain that the “problems never get fixed”, “no one ever listens to me”, etc. Also, it isn’t what you are saying, it is how you are saying it. You may think you are presenting a problem constructively, but your demeanor and words mean a lot. PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING.

Although in life, if you find a problem and cannot find a solution, it may be a truth you must accept. We have to become self-aware, remove the blinders and walk through present life with an open-mind.