Lead by Example

Are you a leader? If you say no, become a leader.

Leaders don’t focus on others, they focus on themselves.

Leaders can be followers. Followers of the next level to one day become the next level and so on.

Overall, leaders invest their time and energy on becoming the best version of themselves, and avoid trying to discover the worst version of others.

As a leader, when you say you are going to do ABC, but do XYZ, your followers are going to do XYZ.

This goes for subordinates, friends, families, other coworkers, and most importantly the next generation…your kids!

Leaders set standards and never waiver from them.

Leaders hold themselves accountable before anything.

Leaders are loyal.

Leaders are in control, in control of their emotions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and action.

Leaders are 1% better than yesterday.

Set forth, lead your family, lead your community, but most importantly lead yourself!