Change The Script

Life is like a movie or a book. You always hear the saying that you are the author of your story.

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions write your story.

As a kid, your parents and surrounding environment assist you in writing your story.

As you go through school, work, college, etc. your script changes based off experiences, and opinions or knowledge gained from others.

What we fail to realize is that YOU make the choice on what to think, feel, believe and do.

Literally, there is not one person on this planet that has made you think, feel, believe or do anything!

With that being said, if you do not like the script or story that you are living, change it.

Think the opposite of what you are thinking. This will create a domino effect that will change how you feel, what you believe, and what you do.

There is always an opposite thought, feeling, belief, and action to what you currently accepting and putting in your mind and body.

Step One: Become self-aware

Step Two: Recalibrate the thought

Step Three: Start feeling different

Step Four: Start acting different

Step Five: Install the new belief

Step Six: Repeat as often as you need to


Change the script.