Called Out

Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t send out this email yesterday, because the content for this moment was presented to me this morning.

All-Around Accountability is one of our Core Values. This not only means keeping yourself accountable, but those around you and I got a healthy dose of that this morning.

I was held accountable for the negative energy coming from me this morning about a specific topic. However minor or major the topic is, it doesn’t matter, but it opened my eyes.

Now, I had two options; be offended and defend myself OR accept the constructive feedback, thank them, and pivot.

It is much easier and more productive choosing the latter.

If I went with the first option, it not only feeds the already negative energy I am putting off, but it can also turn the positive energy the other individual is trying to put off into negative by; annoying, angering, or second guessing even speaking up.

Whenever this happens to you, I suggest being appreciative, take responsibility, and just be better.

There is no point in feeling off all day and also trying to bring someone else down with you.

Taking responsibility can cure a lot of your anger and misunderstanding!