Be A Good Team Player

Would you like to be surrounded by great team players?!

Well guess what, you must be a great team player, first, before expecting it from everyone else.

Do you want to know how to be a good team player? I will tell you…

  1. Have integrity; always do the right thing when no one is looking.
  2. Life is full of energy, positive and negative, and both are contagious. Choose positive, be the light in a room of dark.
  3. Communicate effectively; that means being clear and concise with your instruction.
  4. Hold yourself accountable; take responsibility for your mistakes and look for solutions, not problems.
  5. Be consistent; this will create discipline for yourself, but it will build trust with the rest of your team.
  6. We all have a purpose on earth, and it is our obligation to live it out. We cannot function, properly, without purpose.
  7. Fully commit to your team; fully invest, believe in each member, process and goal. Be loyal to all, no matter what.
  8. Be aware of yourself and your surroundings. This is an important key to staying safe on the jobsite. When you notice something, say something. Take action to fix it.
  9. Be flexible; you should always be ready for change or a new task from managers. This allows you to learn more and help your team. Look at change as opportunity.
  10. Do your best every second of every day. Your best will not be at the same level every time, but at least you know you gave it all.

I would almost say those sound like Armcorp’s Core Values. Implement them in every aspect of your life and you will win. You will win the game of life!