Back to the Basics

The following topic has been buzzing around me the past week or so; just go “back to the basics”.

When we get in a rut or in high stress situation, we tend to react which usually leads to no progression. We slowly transition into “fight” mode. React, react, react.

Stress builds up, blinders go on, stuff is missed, corners are cut, words spoken and actions taken that you later regret.

Your subconscious is aware that you are stressed, but your conscious mind cannot catch up. This is where the practice of self-awareness comes into play. Pause, breathe, and go back to the basics.

Take sports for example, football to be exact, as a kid you are taught the “basics”; tackle with your head up, face mask on the ball, wrap up and drive your feet till the whistle blows. Tuck the ball, cover the tips, high knees and drive through the defender. Basics!

The basics are your foundation. When we get distractions, and temptations throughout life, go back to the standard set, the foundation first laid. That is where all your disciplines, your habits are. Re-calibrate on those standards and take action.

Do not let your emotions and feelings be your guide. Take control of your thoughts, get back to the basics, and you will have control of your actions and behaviors.