Are You Valuable

Are you adding value? Value to every aspect of YOUR life; mind, body, spiritually, and socially? Family? Friends? Work?

We will focus on work for now.

If you are asked to sweep a floor, are you sweeping that floor to be able to eat off of? Are you making sure every little speck is picked up? How did you react to being asked to sweep the floor?

If there is a standard set such as work starts at 6:00am, are you dragging yourself in right at 6:00am OR are you showing up at 5:45am prepared to go with a smile on your face and a positive outlook?

With that being said, it matters what is in your heart. If on the surface you present yourself as excellent, but in your heart you are complaining or angry, then what is in your heart is what you will attract. It snowballs either way, negatively or positively. Every detail matters!

An employee that does great work, but has a bad attitude, is a bad employee… Read that again and think about it.

If you are just doing what you are paid to do, you earned your paycheck. If you are going above and beyond without expecting anything in return, that is an investment. An investment in yourself. And eventually IT WILL pay off!

That is what it comes down to, personal excellence. Even if you are not with a certain company forever, how you do one thing, is how you do everything. Personal excellence bleeds into every aspect of life!

Don’t just be take, take, take, and not give. Life is an exchange system, what you put in, you will get in return, but with ZERO expectations.

When you are valuable, you are valued. Trust me and try it out.